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How to Best Indulge in Paradise on a Budget

Rolling ocean waves, gently lapping at a hard packed beach. Freshly scented air filling your lungs and invigorating you more than your reviving morning cup of coffee. A million dollar view stretching out before you each and every morning while your children rush to the water’s edge as th... View the full post »

5 Powerful Reasons You Need the Beach More Now Than Ever

  School is back in session. Schedules are becoming more than packed - all your calendar colors on your smartphone are so bleeding into each other that you can hardly tell where one appointment ends and the next one picks up. You are excited for the kids to be back in school and to, in... View the full post »

How to Indulge in The Beautiful Beach From Anywhere

  Does your heart ache for the beach, when you're not there? Your very soul desperate to get back to the calm of the waves and the whispering wind? Then you should consider living on Topsail Island permanently! Owning your own little slice of paradise in the form of Topsail Island real estate ... View the full post »

Reclaim The Delight of Your Youth This Labor Day

                Ah, Labor Day! Do you remember Labor Day as a child? Full of laughter. Delicious grilled food. Root beer floats out on the back porch with your toes in the grass…or burried deep in the sand. Your parents had an extra day off ... View the full post »

How to Best Absorb the Most Serenity on Topsail Island

Your toes are in the sand. A voluminous umbrella is casting plenty of shade over your upper body to keep you cool and sun-burn free. Your kids (or maybe you grandkids) are laughing as they run in and out of the softly crashing waves. As you sigh in contentment, you flip open your new novel and s... View the full post »

How to Cool Off, the Healthy Way

  It’s summer time! Can you believe it? That time of year we long for all year long. And why do we long so for it? Because it is the time when, as kids, we used to have long and lazy afternoons filled with swimming, friends, reading, and ice cream. But now you are an adult. You... View the full post »

3 Simple Ways to Have a Beautiful Blast this 4th of July

  Summer is officially here! And the 4th of July in North Carolina and all around the US is nearly here, too! A time of beautiful family time, memorable celebration, and just taking life easy and slow. And a time when kids are meant to run barefoot, laughing through the sand while yo... View the full post »

The 3 Greatest Free and Fun Events on Topsail Island

Are you ready to smile? Release the tension that you have been holding for so long in your neck and shoulders? Be able to draw a full, deep breath? Of course you are! Which is why I wan’t to invite you down to Topsail Island. Vacation rentals abound so that you can poses a litt... View the full post »

5 Simple Ways Topsail Vacation Rentals Fulfill Your Dreams

  You just found yourself yelling "What?!" At your toddler. Who really hadn't been doing anything other than ask for your help. Over and over again. I know the feeling. That sensation of helplessness as life swirls around you and over you, nearly suffocating you with the crushi... View the full post »

Tried and True

"Shhhhhhhhhh! Don’t let her catch you at it. She’ll whip your butt!” These words still echo in my mind years after the fact. Just kids looking for something to keep us occupied while we waited (im)patiently for our Mothers. I remember sitting in the waiting room of the eye doctor... View the full post »

Don't Fall Asleep On A Beach Blanket

Don’t fall asleep on a beach blanket Sooooooooooooooooooooo, you didn’t listen, fell asleep on the beach and woke up 2 hours later. No suntan lotion (you were going to put it on later). Now what do you do? Well, I hate to tell you, but it’s all over but the crying. You will just have... View the full post »


Teachers/Realtors. Both need a reality check from time to time!   I used to teach junior high and high school. It was a lot like selling real estate. In that whole classroom there were a couple of great (students/properties) and a few who are just not cut out for it (lazy people/... View the full post »

Southern Sayings

Southern Sayings   As I travel around this great country I find people are confused by the way I speak. Just because they talk funny, with strange inflections that should not affect their ability to understand me. I speak "pure” southern. Idioms exist to confuse others, but not the on... View the full post »

Kittens and Biscuits

Kittens and Biscuits   Just because a cat climbs into the oven and has kittens, you don’t call them biscuits do you? When people of a Northern persuasion move down south that okay. We really do believe in diversity. However it will take more than 2 weeks to begin to understand the... View the full post »

Salt Water In My Veins

Circus folks are said to have sawdust in their veins. If that is true we Topsail Islanders must have salt water in ours. I'm not sure if we get it by osmosis or if we swallow it, if it seeps through our belly buttons or what, but we mose definitely have it in our veins.   How can you te... View the full post »