How to Plan the Perfect Topsail Vacation Experience

How to Plan the Perfect Topsail Vacation Experience

Are you ready to plan your next Topsail vacation? 

Today we will give you exactly the information you are looking for as you start thinking, planning and dreaming about Topsail Island. When you think about the perfect Topsail vacation experience, certain things might come to mind. A day out on a rented kayak, an evening spent fishing and eating burgers at the pier, and a relaxing night in at the vacation rental all come to mind. 

Here are the steps you need to take to plan a great Topsail vacation, from deciding on your dates to putting all of your photos in a scrapbook when you get home! 

Let's get started. 

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1. Choose your dates

Decide who is coming on your trip. Just your immediate family? Traveling with another friend group? Bringing Grandma? Taking the family dog? Then, coordinate your schedules. The earlier you do this, the more likely you are to find a week that works for everyone. Oh, and make sure you put in for vacation time from work right away! 

2. Budget & save 

No need to get stressed out about saving for vacation. This blog, How to Save Money For Vacation, has a lot of great ideas. 

It's also important to set a budget for your trip. 

Think about:  How much do you want to spend on your rental? What is your restaurant & ice cream budget? How much do you want to give the kids for souvenirs

Save Money for Vacation | Island Real Estate

3. Choose your Topsail Island Vacation Rental

This is the fun part! What sort of vacation rental do you have in mind? Oceanfront condo? Inland cottage? How many bedrooms do you need? What amenities do you prefer? 

When you are ready with your choice, try to book direct. There are many advantages, including better customer service and you will save money on some third-party fees. Learn more about booking direct in this blog, Get the Best Topsail Vacation When You Book Direct.

4. Plan Topsail Island activities  

Ok, so we said that choosing a vacation rental was the fun part, but maybe this part is even more exciting? 

There is SO much to do on Topsail Island. If you have visited us before, you already know the sky is the limit when it comes to outdoor fun. Rent a paddleboard or bike, visit our shops & restaurants, or just play on the beach with the littles. 

Topsail Island Activities | Island Real Estate

This blog, How to Entertain Your Family on Topsail Island, has plenty of great ideas. 

5. Do some meal planning  

It's not super fun, but a little meal planning can go a long way when it comes to both your stress level and your budget. 

Think ahead about how many meals you will need to eat while visiting Topsail Island. What foods can you bring from home? What will you buy when you arrive? Which restaurants do you want to try? 

Vacation Rental Meal Planning | Island Real Estate

This blog will help you so much:  How to Meal Plan For a Vacation Rental Stay

6. Start packing

It's best to think ahead on packing, too. After all, you may want to order helpful items online (like swim goggles, mesh bags, rash guards, and a cute sun hat). So, do all the laundry, and start setting aside items to pack. Don't forget to double check your rental agreement to see if you need to bring sheets, towels, soap and other necessities that aren't on your normal packing list. 

When you pack your bags for a trip to the beach, remember to grab a great beach bag, too! We will tell you how to fill it up with goodies in this blog, Pack the Perfect Beach Bag for a Day on Topsail Island

7. Think about your pets and home 

If you are bringing your dog to Topsail Island - awesome! See some great dog-friendly rentals here. Make sure you have his food, medications, collar with ID, and plenty of poop bags! 

If pets are staying behind, have a great pet sitter or kennel in place for them. 

Vacation Checklist | Island Real Estate

Your home also requires a little extra thought before you leave for a week. Take out the trash, put some lights on timers, run the dishwasher and have a neighbor grab the mail. Read these (and many more) tips in our blog: You Need This Complete & Ultimate Pre-Vacation Checklist

8. Preserve your vacation memories

When you get home, sort through your vacation photos. Collect all the photos your family took across their various devices all in one place. You could either make a fun digital movie that includes all your photos and video clips (iMovie is easy to use). Or, if you are crafty, try your hand at an official vacation scrapbook (read how on this blog post, How to Create the Ultimate Vacation Scrapbook). 

The perfect Topsail Vacation experience isn't hard to attain. Just a little bit of planning can go a long way. Topsail Island is known for being compact, not very crowded, and super friendly for visitors and locals alike. 

If you need help with the vacation rental portion of your planning, please give our team at Island Real Estate a call at (910) 328-2323. We love helping our guests find the perfect home for them (we are full of great advice about the island, too!). 

How to Plan the Perfect Topsail Vacation Experience

Ready to book a trip?

Well, Topsail is ready for you, too. 

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