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5 Fabulous Fishing Spots in Topsail That Will Make You Smile

Fishing is one of the most popular activities for visitors to Topsail Island. It’s affordable, fun for all ages, and who doesn’t love an activity that could end with a freshly prepared meal?   Because Topsail is a barrier island it offers seve... View the full post »

20 of the Best Beach Quotes to Make You Smile

If the beach is your happy place, you will appreciate the sentiments below. Read on to be inspired and remember why you love vacations at Topsail Beach. Chasing SunshineTry to catch a ray, no matter where you are. ... View the full post »

Terrific Topsail Trivia To Impress Your Friends

How much do you really know about Topsail Island?  You already know that you should pronounce it "Tops'l" instead of "Top-sail". You have heard the rumors about Blackbeard's treasure buried along the coast. You might even know that Topsail Island is consi... View the full post »