Happy Days


Some days I feel like Alice falling through the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland . While getting my nightly fix of NCIS or Law and Order I am bombarded by TV commercials of a much older Fonzie who is trying to sell me on the idea of a reverse mortgage.  Where did that come from?

As the broker of Island Real Estate, a local real estate firm I'm not too sure about reverse mortgages: That's a discussion for a little later.  But my real question is how did Fonzie get so… old  so…  fast?  Does anyone out there know?

I'm still about 30 ish or 40 ish or so except when I look in the mirror.  Fonzie, of Happy Days was the epitome of coolness……..(from 74-84, but they pretended to be in the 50's).  What happened to him?  Does anyone out there know?

I think, it's no mystery he just got older, like the rest of us.  It all went downhill after Fonzie jumped the shark while water skiing in California.(Remember that episode ?)  The sad truth about it is that Ritchie, Potsie, Ralph-Mouth, Joanie, Chachi and Fonzie  simply got older.  American middle class on the downward slide., but not so bad when you consider the alternative.  We all get older, but at least I get to age at the beach and while waiting for the swing bridge to turn. (with the top down on the convertible and the XM radio blasting on channel 6 or 7) ;  as I  sit and wait for the sailboats to pass and the swing bridge to turn , I get my paperback book out from under the car seat, put the top down and let my mind wander to consider the joys of the island life style, then and now.

Noooooooo………. Al's Diner is not on Topsail Island, but "Island Delights"  is.  You won't find the cast of Happy Days there but you might run into Lacy or his kids who manage the restaurant.  What you will find is a REAL hamburger and milkshake.  You'll also find a real juke box and 25 cent kiddie rides out front.  Just a little bit of nostalgia.

The cool kids are not into motorcycles like Fonzie but, their parents sure are. (Just find Hester and Thomas)  The kids are more into water sports like Kayaking, stand up paddle boards (SUP) skim boards and surf boards.  If you really want to know if the surf is up, just look up George Howard and IKE (his dog) at On Shore Surf Shop  right here in Surf City. Have you ever seen a dog on a paddle board or (SUP)???  If I' lying I'm dying.  He'll answer your questions (George not his dog, IKE) tell you the truth usually, and rent or sell you the equipment you need.

I have always been of the opinion that middle age is 5 years older than I am at any given moment.  Now I think old age is 10-15 years older than what I currently am.  The same is true of many Island People.  We are just a little different, we have salt water in our veins and we like our "old cars."   Last Saturday night I knew I was in trouble when the server at Camino Real did not ask to see my ID when I ordered my Frozen Margarita, lime and salt on the rim.  How dare they not card me?   I'm sure that is how Fonzie drank his when he was at Topsail !!!!

Forgive me, I digress back to reverse mortgages and Fonzie trying to sell us on them.  Well, let me extrapolate:  Morte means death or to die, gage means sort of to measure?   We all know that reverse means to go backwards.  If you put all of these together it does not mean you get to un-die.  It means that when you "GO" your kids will have to pay the mortgage company back for all of the money you borrowed if they want to keep your beach house.  Sounds fair to me.  (Please don't all the bankers call at one time to flesh out the details, are you listening Dawn???)

My SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guy keeps telling me to talk more about real estate to boost my ratings.  So I'll just say, "Interested in buying, selling, or renting real estate on or about Topsail Island" just give me a call 910-328-2323 or look me up www.topsailvacation.com or ask a question at [email protected] attention Cathy and I will fix you up and that includes you, Arthur Fonzarelli.

Cathy Medlin
Cathy Medlin is a lifelong resident of Topsail Island and the broker-owner of Island Real Estate.  She obviously loves life and loves what she does.

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