1 Outstanding Book to Bring Blissful Adventure to Your Vacation

Outstanding Book

What is the most delightful way to spend a winter afternoon, you ask? Why, by indulging in a winter beach read, of course! Imagine, an afternoon spent curled up in a large, overstuffed armchair that faces the soothing, rhythmic waves of the ocean. Warm, sweet scents come from your cup of hot chocolate (or tea!) that sits on a small, glass-topped table beside your arm chair. A soft, velvety chenille blanket drapes across your lap and one of your shoulders, keeping you cozily snuggled in your chosen reading spot. The book before you sends you far away from your daily cares and routines and into a fascinating mystery that entertains you with both its plot and its perfect depiction of pre-World War 2 America.

Doesn’t this sound dreamy? Like the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate this winter! We think that it does! And, to further your dream of creating an afternoon of your own just like the one just imagined, we have selected a fabulous winter beach read for you. (Just remember, it is much easier to indulge in an afternoon of reading and relaxing and rejuvenating if you are staying in one of our gorgeous Topsail Island rental homes - a place that removes you from the to-dos and busy-ness that constantly beset you in your own home.)

The Book: The Siamese Twin Mystery by Ellery QueenThe Siamese Twin Mystery

Murder. Mayhem. Excitement. Do you relish indulging in a fabulous mystery novel that transports you into a land of logical puzzles, solvable only by the most brilliant and logical minds (which, of course, the main character possesses)? If so, then you will adore The Siamese Twin Mystery staring the enigmatic Ellery Queen. 

Ellery Queen is the American equivalent of Sherlock Holmes, only, he lives about 30 years after that brilliant hero of armchair detective fiction ceased to detect. In this delightful installment of his adventures, Ellery Queen is concluding a vacation with his father. As they drive home, they decide to take a winding mountain road, only to find themselves inadvertently trapped between two walls of a roaring, and growing, forest fire. It seams all hope is lost for them, and that their only fate is to perish in the infernal blaze. However, the elder Mr. Queen (Inspector Queen, actually) remembers a small side road heading up towards the top of the mountain that had escaped his son’s notice.

Instead of the road leading the two Queens over the mountain and down the other side so that they can escape the blaze, it leads them to a dark and mystery-shrouded house. There, they are eventually welcomed by an eminent doctor (now retired) and his unusual household of servants and family. Ellery’s first impression is that everyone is holding secrets - communal secrets as well as their own private secrets. And that the house, itself, holds just as many secrets.

As morning dawns to find them still trapped by the blaze that has enveloped the foothills of the mountains, Ellery’s suspicions prove to be quite accurate: their host, the eminent but retired doctor, is found murdered. And, since there is no way off of the mountain, someone in that very house has to be the murderer.

But no one is prepared to reveal anything at all even remotely helpful. In fact, everyone claims to have been in bed all night. It doesn’t help that the laboratory that the doctor was shot to death in is sound proof.

Who is this savage murderer? What could their motivation be? And will Ellery Queen and his father survive this adventure of theirs?

All these questions and more will be expertly and intriguingly answered in this book! If you read very closely, you just might even be able to solve the mystery right along side of Ellery - it is at least always a fun exercise to try. But never fear, the end will reveal all…you won’t be left hanging with an unsolved mystery!

Grab your Kindle copy of this book today, and then hurry and go book your vacation! The lovely, quiet winter days will be gone before you know it…and along with them, your delightful chance at a deliciously lazy afternoon of reading with a cozy blanket and hot cup of chocolate (or tea!). We can't wait to know what you think of the book! Let us know in the comments below. 

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