Topsail Island - A Trilogy and a Duet


These 3 small towns make up one Island "Topsail". Each of the three towns are uniquely themselves with their own special treasures. Which one is better you ask? The answer is whichever one you happen to be in at the time. To further complicate matters, Topsail Island may be divided into three towns but only 2 counties. Onslow County encompasses all of North Topsail Beach and the northern most mile or so of Surf City. Pender County includes all of Topsail Beach and the southern majority of Surf City. This can be confusing to visitors who understand Topsail Island. Frequently, visitors will call and want to make a reservation in "Topsail", we here at Island Real Estate, try to accommodate them all.

 The thing that ties us all together is an island attitude as well as the Ocean, Atlantic to be specific, as well as the intra-coastal waterway. Mostly a man-made or deepened path for boats, aka, that ribbon of water which meanders through the two bridges. The waterway is that thin strip of water that lies between the island and the mainland. We can liken it to a highway for boats. Where the intra-coastal widens out we call those sounds or bays. At either end of the island where the land and water converge we refer to that as an inlet.

I'm not sure geologists would agree with my explanations but………… they'll do for ordinary folks and a slow talking Southern girl like me.

Cathy Medlin

Cathy Medlin is a lifelong resident of Topsail Island and broker in charge of Island Real Estate. She is married to Doug Medlin and has 3 great kids and kids-in-law but most importantly 6 grandchildren who refer to her as "Yaya".



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