How to Best Indulge in Paradise on a Budget

Indulge in Paradise on a Budget

Rolling ocean waves, gently lapping at a hard packed beach. Freshly scented air filling your lungs and invigorating you more than your reviving morning cup of coffee. A million dollar view stretching out before you each and every morning while your children rush to the water’s edge as their laughter bubbles over. Do you think such a little slice of paradise has to cost you a bundle?

Well, guess what?! It doesn’t have to! In fact, it can instead be quite affordable for anyone! All you have to do is do a little bit of planning and you can indulge in a slice of paradise for yourself, no matter your budget. Here are 5 ways you can best indulge in paradise while on a budget.

Make It A Family EventFamily Beach

One of the easiest ways to indulge in paradise while on a budget is to make your vacation a family affair. That’s right! Bring your kids. Your parents. Invite your siblings and their kids. And then rent a stunning and spacious vacation rental home so that everyone still has their one quiet space to retreat to. (Plus, vacation rentals, for a vacation lasting for several days, are much more affordable than any other option!) The more family that comes with you when you are on vacation at the beach means the more people you get to split the cost between.

Come During the Fall and Winter

We think that fall and winter are two stunning seasons at the beach. In fact, fall just might be the most spectacular time to visit the beach! After all, the fall color and then the cool weather that follows make the beach extra dreamy. Not only are these two seasons beautiful and comfortable times of year to visit the beach, fall and winter are also the two best seasons to visit the beach from a budget standpoint.. since school is in session less people flock to the beach during these two cooler seasons of the year. Which means that everything on and around the beach becomes more affordable during this "downtime”.

Make Use of Your Own Kitchen

Another excellent way to indulge in a much needed beach vacation on a budget is to do your own cooking in the kitchen of your beautiful vacation rental. If you average even just $12 a person for an entree for each meal, which is rather on the low side of things, you will easily spend $48 a person at each meal…without factoring in tips, drinks, or any salads and appetizers! Now multiply this by three for your three meals a day, and you come up with a neat, round figure of $144 for just a family of 4 for one day! For that amount, you could buy the groceries for that same family of four for an entire week! Do you see just how affordable a beach vacation can become if you just cook for yourself?

Drive Instead of FlySandcastle Building

Plane tickets, depending on what airlines you fly, can range anywhere from $400 to $1500. For simply just the price of a tank of gas, though, which is usually under $50 depending on the car you drive, you can get to the stunning beach destination of Topsail Island! Either way, you will have to pack or pay for food. If you decide to pack your food, you again save money on the trip to the beach!

Relish in the Simple Pleasures

Fun, laughter, and beauty - did you know that they can all be free?! I’m sure that you do. After all, every time you make your baby laugh when you make funny faces for them, you indulge in free joy. Just like a baby’s laughter, fun at the beach can be quite free, too! Think, building sand castles on the beach with your children and grandchildren. Laughing as you burry each other’s legs and feet in the sand and form mermaid tails over yourselves. A beach vacation is full of simple, free pleasures like this. To have fun, and make memories, you don’t need to get your kids expensive toys or take them to every expensive attraction. Instead, just play together!

We can’t wait to see your laughing families indulging in the peace of the beach this year! You know you are in desperate need of a rejuvenating beach vacation! Come to Topsail Island, and you can indulge in the perfect beach vacation on a budget. Right now. Life is short, and every moment should be enjoyed! So, book your vacation now - it is time to seize the day!

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