How to Pack Your Bag Super Fast

How to Pack Your Bag Super Fast | Island Real Estate

Packing for vacation is probably the worst part about going on vacation, other than having to return home and unpack from your beach Paradise. There is so much to remember, and it can be frustrating trying to cram everything into your suitcase. Packing is only made worse if you are packing for your children as well. We're tired just thinking about it, which is why we have come up with several fantastic tips that will help you have your bags packed in about thirty minutes or less! Read on to learn a few great packing tips and be on your way to your Topsail Island, NC vacation rental in no time. 

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Tip #1: Choose the Right Bag

When choosing the perfect bag for your traveling needs, there are a few things to consider. The more storage (inside and out), the better! Look for a bag that has plenty of separate zippered or mesh storage compartments. This will help keep your belongings nice, organized, and easily accessible. If traveling by airplane, it's a great idea to select a bag that is hard on the outside and has four wheels, perfect for pulling through the airport. 

Our favorite travel bags are:

-Hard shell with four wheels, like this one. Sturdy and easy to maneuver! 

-Duffel bag, like this one. We love all the pockets and zippers!

-Overnight slide on, like this one. Ladies, this one's perfect to use with your rolling suitcase! 

-Separate hanging toiletry bag, like this one. Everything is so easy to access! 

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Tip #2: Plan Ahead

Probably the most important tip when it comes to packing fast, is planning ahead. Make sure everyone's laundry is washed, folded, and ready to go! When I travel, I always start laying out my families clothing a few days before our departure and it's a game changer. Not only does this allow me to be more organized since I'm not rushed for time, but it also cuts down on my chances of forgetting anything essential. Another thing that I find super helpful is the day or two leading up to our vacation, we wear our "less favorite" clothes (which is clothing that won't be coming with us on vacation), so I'm not doing laundry at the last minute. 

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Tip #3: Do You Really NEED That? 

If you're like me, you tend to over-pack. When packing in under thirty minutes, you don't have time to pack five daily outfit changes and eight pairs of shoes. We're looking for efficiency and practicality here. Have a black shirt that you love? Perfect! Use it to your advantage and accessorize or style it different ways and voila, you've got yourself two outfits for the price of one. Most Topsail Island vacation rentals come with a washer and dryer, which is a major advantage. Keep each family members shoe count down to three pairs. One for leisure (tennis shoes, sandals), one for the beach (flip flops, water shoes), and one pair for going out (boat shoes, wedges). 

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Tip #4: Make A List

Do yourself a favor and take a moment to write out a packing last. Everything from shoes to clothes, underwear, toiletries, medicines, phone chargers, pet supplies, you name it. If you need it, write it and check off items as you go. This is so helpful in preventing forgetting something important. Make your list several days before your departure because I can promise from experience, you will be adding stuff. Or, you could just use our printable Ultimate Packing Checklist! 

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Tip #5: Pack with Space in Mind

Now that it’s time to actually pack your bag, you may want to consider rolling your clothes. This popular packing method typically creates more space and keeps your clothing less wrinkled. Another great tip is to pack in the order that you plan on using things. For example, place the clothing you plan on wearing on the way home at the bottom of your suitcase and your clothing for the first day of your Topsail Island vacation on top. This prevents unnecessary digging through your suitcase, which always makes a mess. 

Another thing you may want to use when making the most out of your suitcase's space are space bags. These super handy bags compress your clothing almost totally flat and if you've never used one, you'll be shocked at how much you can fit into one. Now you just doubled what you can bring! 

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When you book a fantastic Topsail Island vacation rental, we know you can't hardly wait to get here! Now that you know how to pack your suitcase super fast, hopefully packing for your next beach getaway won't be such a drag. Share these tips with your family and friends so you can all be on your way to fun in the Topsail sun quicker than ever! 


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How to Pack Your Bag Super Fast | Island Real Estate

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