How to Make the Best Valentines Dessert for the Whole Family

Best Valentines Dessert 

You have a wonderful Valentines Dinner with just the love of your life. Quiet. Romantic. Serene. The food is amazing. The conversation dazzling and exactly what you needed after a crazy holiday season and busy start to your year. But you have kids at home. And you want to show them some parent-love too! You want to make Valentines Day special for them.


So what are you to do? Well, besides taking your whole family on a vacation to Topsail Island, which is the best way to show them some love, you can make these amazing Pink Velvet Cupcakes

These cupcakes are delicious and full of that classic, light cupcake flavor. With the sweet twist of being pink instead of read, which means that they are perfect for thise time of year! And this recipe is so beautifully simple that you can make them with your kids…or your grandkids. Which will help you make lasting memories together as well as a sweet treat for today.

So check these beautiful (and amazingly delicious!) cupcakes out today, and indulge your whole family this Valentines Day! (And don’t forget to show them love and take them on a vacation, too….!) 

The Recipe: Pink Velvet Cupcakes

Pink Velvet Cupcakes Recipe Card

Best Valentines Dessert Pin

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