7 Easy Things To Do That Will Bring Beach Style To Your Home

7 Easy Things To Do That Will Bring Beach Style To Your Home | Island Real Estate

There's just something about a Topsail Island vacation rental house. Maybe it's the light, airy rooms or the cool beach decor pieces that you find scattered throughout the home like little treasures waiting to be discovered. Whatever it is, you know that it makes you happy and now you want to capture that feeling in your own home.

If you're looking for some quick and easy ways to get started incorporating beach style into your home, look no further! This post will help you think through making those changes, big or small.

Space and Vibe

It's always helpful to narrow down a couple of variables before you jump into any kind of styling project, but especially if you'll be introducing a new element of decor into your space. With this in mind, let us help you walk through the initial considerations of physical space and overall vibe.


The first thing to make a choice about is the space in which you'll be introducing those changes. Smaller spaces may require less "stuff" but they still demand the same attention to detail. Private spaces may allow for a more daring or individualistic approach, whereas public spaces (like living areas) may demand style choices that appeal to multiple family members with competing preferences. You may also be thinking about dragging a beach style thread throughout your entire home, in which case you'll likely be primarily focused on narrowing down your general vibe.


Your overall style vibe is about figuring out the "feel" of your project. Are you traditional or whimsical? Do you prefer nautical decor or a more natural scheme? Whales and sea turtles or flamingos and parrots? Or maybe you'd just as soon ditch the beach creatures and stick with found artifacts like driftwood, or even go abstract!

Whatever you choose in terms of space and vibe, it's important to have a firm sense of what you want to accomplish and where, because every other choice you make as you incorporate beach style into your home will stem from these two factors.

Plan For All Five Senses

As you move through the elements that comprise your beach style project, remember that we experience things through all of our senses: sight, sound, smell, hearing, and touch. Some elements are clearly one or the other, but others can serve more than one purpose. Elements that can serve more than one category will make some of the strongest additions to your project.

beach color scheme | Island Real Estate

Color Scheme

One of the easiest ways to update any room in your home is to refresh the color scheme. While large pieces such as couches and chairs may be out of the budget, a fresh coat of paint on the walls and a new set of curtains is relatively quick and inexpensive.

Establishing a basic color scheme from the beginning of your project will help you with every other choice down the pipeline because it gives you a fundamental template to work from. Either a piece that you're considering falls within the spectrum or it doesn't. 

Finding a color scheme is a fairly easy process. Begin with a simple search using your own parameters, or use this helpful Coastal Living article as a starting point.

Material Choices

Regardless of whether you prefer a traditional look or a playful one, the materials used in a beach style home project tend to be natural items. Think wood, glass, metal, and cotton. The more that you are able to incorporate these kinds of materials into your beach style choices, the more authentically "beachy" your outcome will be.

The easiest way to hit all of your preferred beach style material high notes is through accent items within the room. Containers such as baskets, accent pillows and other useful textiles, and any display items can all be used to further add natural elements into your space. Update old picture frames with cute, chippy wooden ones and pull in a new cotton throw rug - voila! Instant beach-inspired update!

seashell decor | Island Real Estate

Images and Artifacts

The images and artifacts that you choose to incorporate into your decorating scheme will be as unique as you and your family! Sea shells, sea glass, birds, boats, books, oars, anchors - the list is seemingly endless. The key to this one is just to find pictures and other things that remind you of the beach and that make you happy, and to incorporate them into your space.

We think that one of the very best ways to easily and instantly bring beach style into your home is to print and frame some of those great shots that you took while you were in Topsail Island NC! Hang them on the wall, set them on the mantle, and let them remind you of the fun you had last time you vacationed with us at Island Real Estate!


The beach is bright, and your lighting choices should reflect that. Permanent lighting choices should be clear and brilliant. Pendant lights with clear glass bulbs work well for a beach styled home. If you're swapping out overhead lights, you may also want to consider installing another popular beach house staple - a ceiling fan!

The easiest way to update room lighting is by using lamps. Lamps can be used to brighten any corners of your room where it's still a little dark, and they are a great way to inject some of your personality into a room too! Feel free to get as playful as you want with these interchangeable items.

beach scented decor | Island Real Estate

Scents and Sounds

When you think of the beach, some of the most potent memory sensations involve the things you smell and hear. Sun screen and salt water, waves crashing and sea gulls calling out to one another. The beach just wouldn't be the same without these things.

Short of spraying yourself down with Hawaiian Tropic every morning, the easiest way to bring beach scents into your home is through strategic placement of fragrance products. Whether you prefer candles or essential oils, diffusers or some DIY concoction of your own making, injecting beachy smells into your space is a quick and easy way to evoke a beach vibe within your home.

When it comes to sounds, we recommend firing up your favorite streaming music site and playing any one of the awesome beach music playlists that are already mixed up for your enjoyment, or just search for your favorite artist and let the algorithm do its thing. White noise machines are also excellent - and unobtrusive - little devices that you can turn on and will provide a gentle beachy background to your conversations.

We hope this tutorial highlighting seven easy things that you can do that will being beach style to your home was helpful! We'd also love to hear about the changes that you made to your home space in the comments below!

7 Easy Things To Do That Will Bring Beach Style To Your Home | Island Real Estate

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