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Small Southern Beach Towns

I went to the Surf City Community Center yesterday to pick up my granddaughter. I arrived about 20 minutes early. (I know, unbelievable, just ask my friends). As I walked around in the center I peeked in the gym. A "sprite" who resembled a 4-5 year old girl was learning to dribble a full size ba... View the full post »

Me and Peter Pan

Growing up is optional, growing older is not. What a dilemma! I wake up in the morning and I am shocked to see that older woman in my bathroom mirror. Who is she, where did she come from and how did she get in my house? I am truly akin to Peter Pan, in that I simply refuse to grow up... View the full post »

Salt Water In My Veins

Circus folks are said to have sawdust in their veins. If that is true we Topsail Islanders must have salt water in ours. I'm not sure if we get it by osmosis or if we swallow it, if it seeps through our belly buttons or what, but we mose definitely have it in our veins.   How can you te... View the full post »

Kittens and Biscuits

Kittens and Biscuits   Just because a cat climbs into the oven and has kittens, you don’t call them biscuits do you? When people of a Northern persuasion move down south that okay. We really do believe in diversity. However it will take more than 2 weeks to begin to understand the lingo... View the full post »

Southern Sayings

Southern Sayings   As I travel around this great country I find people are confused by the way I speak. Just because they talk funny, with strange inflections that should not affect their ability to understand me. I speak "pure” southern. Idioms exist to confuse others, but not the one ... View the full post »