Small Southern Beach Towns

I went to the Surf City Community Center yesterday to pick up my granddaughter. I arrived about 20 minutes early. (I know, unbelievable, just ask my friends). As I walked around in the center I peeked in the gym.
A "sprite" who resembled a 4-5 year old girl was learning to dribble a full size basketball while dressed in a tutu, complete with a "princess" cape and tiara. This reminded me of why I choose to live in a small southern beach town. Topsail Island is more than just oceanfront rental cottages. We do have one traffic light.
One of the things I love about Topsail Island is the small town flavor. It's true, we don't have the night life of some larger towns, but we can walk the beaches at night hoping to spot a newly nesting turtle. Our roads are not as nice as big city highways however, if we get stuck in the sand someone will offer to pull us out before we can call AAA Travel Road Assistance. We do not have as many options when it comes to grocery stores, but someone will help carry the bags to our car and put them in the back seat. We do not have 175 gifts shops, but the ones we do have carry quality, unique items to take home and show to friends.
We have a police force second to none. They actually go around and "jiggle" door knobs to be sure they are secured. They will stop what they are doing to help anyone at any time. I've seen them catch a wayward Frisbee and toss it back. Our fire and rescue departments are well trained, truly professional and ready to do their all when called upon.
We have free movies or live concerts every Friday night during the summer at Soundside Park. Bring a blanket and your family and friends. Tourist and locals enjoy this "under the stars" experience together. Summer camps for kids are open to visitors and locals alike. Sign up early as the weekly classes fill up quickly. (ALL teenage kids want to learn to surf. That's a fact, just ask them).
If you have always wanted to learn to fish, just ask anyone on a pier, in the edge of the surf with a rod and reel or almost any old timer you see. Techniques and preferred baits will vary but, you'll get some good advice and will probably catch a fish if you just stick the right end of the pole out over the water. (You'll probably get more advice and less fish than what you would like).
If you play your cards right you might, just might, meet the princess sprite in her tiara and tutu preparing to go crabbing on the sound side as she ties bait onto her crab line.
Cathy Medlin
Owner/Broker/Property Manager
Cathy is one of the founders of the Topsail Island Association of Realtors. She is the Owner and Broker in Charge of Island Real Estate located at 405 Roland Avenue in Surf City on Topsail Island. Most days she can be found lurking around in her office after 10 a.m. She has specialized in Real Estate sales and rentals on the island for over 40 years. She loves the island and takes every chance she gets to share it with others. 

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