Perfect Vacations are like Talking Frogs... Really

OK, OK, OK, Soooooo. . . . . . . You've got a real estate related question about vacation rentals.   You can ask but I won't answer until you listen to a story. Ready? It goes something like this;
A really old man was sitting on a dock fishing. Nothing was biting but he continued to sit and patiently waited for the fish to bite.  All of a sudden a frog jumps up on the dock beside the man. The frog says "Help me, help me. A wicked old witch cast a spell on me, I have to remain a frog until someone kisses me. All you have to do to break the spell is lean down and kiss me soundly on the lips. I will immediately turn into a beautiful young princess once again. I will be so grateful that I will do anything you want for the rest of your life." The old man considers carefully, he leans down gently, looks the frog in the eyes and promptly puts the frog in his pocket. He mutters to himself, "At my age I can have more fun with a talking frog."

The perfect vacation does not necessarily start with a talking frog. It usually starts with 2 or more people coming to a "meeting of the minds." That's the hard part. "Where do you want to eat, doesn't matter, wherever you want to go. No you decide ", and back and forth. You really want to go to Quartermasters and your partner prefers Max's. In actuality either choice would be a great one, along with another half dozen or so other great restaurants here at Topsail and Sneads Ferry. The moral to the story is this…..sometimes you just have to make up your mind, compromise if need be, but go for it.

Choosing a location for your vacation can be a bit like choosing between a talking frog and a princess; Quartermaster's or Max's. Do you want oceanfront or sound/canal front. (I'm sure your boat would choose the latter.) We have an abundance of public boat launches here on Topsail in all three towns. You can have an oceanfront or interior rental and still have great access to boating, kayaking, or jet skiing. 2nd row and marsh front houses are other great choices. They tend to be more affordable but offer public access to waterways and the ocean.  Years ago the Movers and Shakers here on Topsail Island recognized the value of providing great water access to the public, along with free public parking. After all the water belongs to all of God's creatures.  (Even your dog if on a leash)

Kayak, paddleboard, surf, canoe, skateboard, bike, drive, walk or boat on over, you'll find the perfect spot for your glorious vacation adventure here on Topsail Island.
Cathy Medlin
Broker/Property Manager

Cathy Medlin is the owner-operator of Island Real Estate.  Her office has been located in Surf City for the past 38 years. Visit her at or 405 Roland Ave, Surf City, NC

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