Rock Your Next Beach Trip With These Genius Tips and Hacks

Rock Your Next Beach Trip With These Genius Tips and Hacks

"Beach Hacks" are all over the internet. 

Today, we have gathered a few of our favorites. Sure, you can just grab a towel and walk to the beach, but by implementing a little bit of strategy, your time at the beach can be more fun, less stressful, and other beach-goers will think you are super cool! 

Book your Topsail Island rental and put some of these awesome ideas to work. 

Freeze water bottles instead of using ice packs.

Odds are good that you forgot to bring ice packs to Topsail Island! You could just fill Ziploc bags with ice, but it's even smarter to freeze a few water bottles the night before you go to the beach. They will keep your stuff cool, and you can hydrate as they thaw. 

Invest in a waterproof fanny pack for valuables

Waterproof Pouch for Beach | Island Real Estate

Do you ever get a little nervous when you are playing in the water, but you know your phone, money, and vacation rental keys are sitting up at the beach, unattended? 

Try out a waterproof pouch. You can wear it around your waist or as a crossbody, and enjoy peace of mind that your stuff is safe. There are a ton of options available on Amazon for under $15. 

Use a backpack cooler

Your hands will probably be full as you head to the beach. Large, heavy coolers can be hard to handle in the deep sand. Try a backpack-style cooler. You could even divide your drinks and snacks into a few smaller coolers so that everyone can carry one. 

RENT some chairs and umbrellas

Did you know that there are several companies that will rent you beach chairs, umbrellas, and more? Some will even set them up for you every day! 

Check out our previous blog, You Can Rent Kayaks, Linens, Bikes, Umbrellas and More on Topsail Island. In it you will find a list of companies that provide this awesome service. 

Photo provided by Topsail Beach Service

Chairs and Umbrellas | Island Real Estate

Fill a spray bottle with icy water

A spray bottle filled with cool, refreshing water feels so good after some time in the sun! You can also use it to rinse off hands before eating a snack. 

Bring a portable table. 

Portable Table for Beach | Island Real Estate

If you are setting up "camp" for the day, a portable table is a great anchor for your spot. It's so helpful to have an elevated surface, out of the sand, where you can eat, place your magazines, and stick your beverages. This one, available on Amazon, is lightweight and comes in a carrying case you can sling over your shoulder. 

Put on sunscreen BEFORE your swimsuit

Don't wait until you arrive on the beach to apply sunscreen! It's much less awkward (and you get better coverage) if you apply a layer before dressing for a day at the beach. Sure, you will need to reapply every hour or so, but this is a good first step. 

Try a microfiber towel

Heavy cotton beach towels have become a thing of the past. We love the colors and styles of the newer microfiber towels! Sand slips right off them, and, they are lightweight. 

Wear a rashguard (and put one on the kids)

According to Land's End, a rashguard " an athletic shirt, originally designed for surfers, made of spandex, nylon, or polyester that protects the wearer's skin while swimming, including damage from rashes, chafing, and scrapes. It is sometimes referred to as a sun shirt because it is a great way to protect yourself from sunburn and can double as a coverup over your swimsuit."

If you are spending the day in the sun, invest in one for each member of the family. 

Father and Son Wearing Rash Guard Shirts | Island Real Estate

Apply leave-in conditioner to long hair

Hair can really take a beating in the sun and surf! Consider applying a spray leave-in conditioner to your long hair (and your child's) to protect it from the elements. We also recommend braiding hair to make it easier to comb through later. 

Have you ever used any of these ideas when you visited the beach? What is your favorite way to make a beach trip easier? We would love to know! Feel free to comment on this blog. Maybe we will use your idea in the future! 

Rock Your Next Beach Trip With These Genius Tips and Hacks

Time to book a vacation! 

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