Don't Fall Asleep On A Beach Blanket

Don’t fall asleep on a beach blanket

Sooooooooooooooooooooo, you didn’t listen, fell asleep on the beach and woke up 2 hours later. No suntan lotion (you were going to put it on later). Now what do you do? Well, I hate to tell you, but it’s all over but the crying. You will just have to live through it and wait it out. To add insult to injury, there is always, always, going to be at least one person you know who will want to "peel off the skin” for you.

Those people are a separate breed. If they caught a snake shedding its skin they would probably want to help them too. They just won’t stop. Just one more little piece of skin till they pull it into the quick! Ouch!

Put some aloe on that peeling skin and wait. If you really want to feel good, put the aloe in the refrigerator for a while before you apply. It is an immediate shock to your system but man, does it feel good afterwards.

When you take that first shower after your 2 hour nap on the beach you will know you have played he_ _! You will look as red as a tomato at the IGA. A shower will feel great but, when you get out of that shower, are you brave enough to rub yourself with a towel? NO! Don’t do it. Maybe a hairdryer on the cool cycle? Heck, how long can it take to just drip dry?

Sooner or later it will be bedtime and you will try to figure in what position you can sleep without further injuring your tender hide. Depending upon the size and style of your bathing suit you just might be able to sleep on your back with your butt firmly flat on the mattress and your neck on a rolled pillow. On second thought, maybe a recliner would work better.

You will wake up in the morning and it will just be worse. You do not dare go out in the sun in your present condition. If you put on enough clothes to guard your tender skin you will not only burn up alive but, you will look like a professional beekeeper to boot. Send someone to the IGA or to the Swing Bridge Beer and Wine shop for the lavations of your choice. Pick out your favorite of the four channels you probably get on the TV and pray for rain. You are in for the duration of your stay (another 2 or 3 days)!

On the 5th day, you take your golf umbrella and venture out for just a few minutes. You see your wife/husband/significant other asleep on a beach blanket. It does not look as if there has been oil or lotion liberally applied. They are asleep. Do you:

1.Wake them up gently?

2.Smirk and just walk on by and let them sleep as you turn off the alarm on their cell phone?

3.Wait for the incoming tide to wake them up in another 2 hours-after you turn off the alarm on their cell phone?

Just remember, you probably have to ride home with them in your car. You must pick your battles.

Cathy Medlin

Realtor/Broker/Property Manager

Cathy has her home in Surf City. She is a lifelong resident of the island and can be seen on a beach blanket with lots of sunscreen and an alarm clock. Just look her up at 405 Roland Ave in Surf City at her office in Island Real Estate or visit her at

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