Sharks, Dolphins and Mermaids ... Oh My! Family Friendly Beach Movies We Love

Sharks, Dolphins and Mermaids ... Oh My! Family Friendly Beach Movies We Love | Island Real Estate

Sometimes you just need a movie night in, even while you are on vacation.

Luckily most of our vacation rentals offer Netflix and many have a DVD player if you want to bring movies from home. 

You can also have a beach-themed movie night in your own house! Spread some beach towels out in the living room, make some frozen pineapple smoothies and "Sand-Wiches", and pop in one of our favorite ocean odysseys from the list below! 

(Please note: We included links to an awesome website called for each of these movies. We really like how it tells parents just what to expect for each movie for things like language, violence and dark themes, as well as positive messages and actual parent and kid reviews.) 

Ocean Adventures for Little Ones 

Moana | Island Real Estate


(PG, 2016)

A spunky young girl harnesses the power of the ocean to help her save her island family! 

Kids will love how the ocean plops Moana's pet chicken back into her boat!

The Little Mermaid | Island Real Estate

The Little Mermaid

(G, 1989)

Full of ocean friends, the Little Mermaid is a sweet film for all ages. 

Who doesn't love a grumpy crab with a Jamaican accent or a mermaid who brushes her hair with a fork? 

Finding Nemo | Island Real Estate

Finding Nemo

(G, 2003)

With surfer dude sea turtles and a forgetful blue fishy friend, Finding Nemo is full of awesome characters and your kids might even learn something about our ocean. 

(see also: Finding Dory)

| Island Real Estate

Dolphin Tale

(PG, 2011)

An absolutely beautiful story about an injured dolphin and her rehabilitation. 

This film is based on the true story of Winter the dolphin. 

Fun for School-Age Kids 

| Island Real Estate

Teen Beach Movie

(G, 2013)

All about beach party nostalgia, this fun film and great soundtrack make this a favorite with kids. Definitely not a "teen" movie. 

| Island Real Estate

Pirates of the Caribbean

(PG-13, 2003)

More silly than scary, this franchise will entertain any pirate lover. Since the North Carolina coast is full of pirate lore this is a great choice for Topsail Island.

| Island Real Estate


(PG, 1996)

Whether you choose this 1996 film or rediscover the 1960's TV series, this classic story of a boy and his dolphin will make any animal lover smile! 

| Island Real Estate

Free Willy

(PG, 1993)

A troubled 12-year old boy befriends a grumpy killer whale. Greedy adults try to profit off the beautiful creature but ...spoiler alert...the whale wins!

For All Ages!  

If you love the soothing voice of a British narrator and prefer a more cerebral viewing experience, try one of these excellent documentaries on Netflix. 

Super educational and beautifully produced. Just click the photos below to learn more. 

Planet Earth | Island Real Estate

The Blue Planet | Island Real Estate

Shark | Island Real Estate

Learning about the ocean can be fun and with these films, your kids might not even realize they are getting a great education. We almost added Jaws to this list but really, no beach lover needs to be thinking about killer great white sharks during their peaceful vacation. Let's stick with Flipper. 

What's your FAVORITE Beach movie?

Please share it with us for future posts!

Sharks, Dolphins and Mermaids ... Oh My! Family Friendly Beach Movies We Love | Island Real Estate

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