O.K.  So you've got a sunburn.  You knew better.  Don't beat yourself up, it can happen to anyone.  Republicans, Democrats, Independents, tourists, locals, anyone.  The only thing worse than a sunburn, is a really bad sunburn or a list of silly reasons why you got the sunburn in the first place.

  1. I needed to go ahead and get it out of the way, so I could tan the rest of the summer.
  2. I fell asleep on the beach and someone was supposed to wake me up in 15 minutes.
  3. I put on lots of suntan oil this morning. (It's now 5:00 pm.)
  4. I didn't look red.  I even pressed my arm with my fingers to test. Then I showered and  OMG.
  5. It was cloudy.
  6. It really wasn't that hot with the breeze.
  7. "I never burn."  (famous last words)
Do you feel like I'm talking about you?  Well, I am if you are guilty.  There are worse things than the " sunburn reason list"  and they are "sunburn cures list".  Come on, you've heard 'em.

  1.  Take a really cold shower it will cool you off.?????
  2. Take a bath in oatmeal or milk and tepid water.
  3. Get your husband/wife/significant other to peel off the strips till they get to the "live" skin and it hurts.
  4. Soak in a tub with a quart or two of apple cider vinegar and slightly warm water. I use this one ; )
  5. Sponge off with cooled Chamomile tea.
  6. Start drinking and repeat every 30 minutes till the pain leaves and you can sleep.
  7. Rub "Dr. Pepper" all over, leave on for 15 minutes then soak in a tub with cold water and ice for 45 minutes.  (O.K. So now I'm just messin' with you.) 
Save this on your computer, go to the print icon,  print 12 copies and give them to anyone who needs a laugh or has a sunburn.  (Seriously sunblock goes a long way when liberally and frequently applied.)

Cathy Medlin
Cathy is a true islander.  Full of stories, most with a grain of truth in them.  She revels in Topsail Island lore and is happy to share it with anyone who will listen. She finds humor in almost everything.


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