How to Enjoy a Beach Day From Anywhere

How to Enjoy a Beach Day From Anywhere

Dreaming of the beach doesn't have to be a distant memory. Even if you can't make it out to the water, a little creativity and imagination can allow you to enjoy the beach just about anywhere. Here are some beach day tips to try so you can bring a little sunshine and nostalgia into your own backyard:

1. Sunbathe

Grab your bathing suit, beach chair, sunscreen or sun tan lotion, sunglasses, beach towel, make your way to the sunniest spot you can find and soak in those toasty rays.

2. Beach Beverages

Make yourself some cool, refreshing beverages that pair along well with ocean sounds. Some ideas are: Mixed Drinks, Iced Tea, Fruit Infused Water, Beer or Soda. 

3. Beach Snacks

Making simple and healthy snacks come along with the beach territory. Here are some great, healthy beach snack recipes that are almost too easy!

4. Build a Sandcastle

Does your kiddo have a sandbox? Or maybe sculpting clay or Kinect Sand? There are lots of craft-building alternatives these days to good old-fashioned sand castle building. Give them a try.

5. Beach Tunes

Does anyone listen to The Beach Boys anymore? Kokomo, anyone? Busting out your beach playlist will surely bring your mind back to the water. Here are 60 beach tune recommendations to get the mood moving.

6. Beach Cam

Visualizing and hearing the beach are the next best thing to being their in person. This beach cam of North Topsail Island never disappoints when you're dreaming of Topsail ❤️.

7. Beach Quotes

When you are at a loss for words, sometimes quotes or memes say it just right! These clever beach quotes and memes know just how you feel. 

8. Beachin' Dinner

What says the beach than sinking your teeth in a flavorful, seafood dinner that has all the tropical nuances that make beach cuisine so delicious! Fire up the grill and make one of these healthy coastal recipes

We hope this blog post and these fun idea will hold you over until you can get back to Topsail Island. We are looking forward to making your vacation dreams a reality. Call us today to book your next beach getaway... or start your vacation rental search here

How to Enjoy a Beach Day From Anywhere

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